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ECLEVAR MEDTECH and Micron Agreed to a Business Alliance in Japan to Provide CRO Services to Medtech Companies

ECLEVAR MEDTECH, a French based CRO specialized in medtech industry, enters into a partnership with Micron, a Japanese domestic CRO, to provide services to both Japanese medtech manufacturers who want to expand their business overseas and foreign medtech manufacturers who want to enter the Japanese market-

August, 2023-Tokyo, Japan

ECLEVAR MEDTECH, a CRO (Clinical Research Organization) specialized in medtech industry, headquartered in Paris, France (CEO: Mr. Chems Hachani) and a Japanese domestic CRO, Micron, Inc. (Molecular Imaging Contract Research Organization Network), headquartered in Tokyo, Japan (President: Mr. Michita Sato) have agreed to enter in a strategic partnership. The primary objective of this alliance is to reinforce their CRO services by enabling ECLEVAR MEDTECH and Micron to better serve both Japanese and foreign medtech manufacturers in the Japanese market as well as overseas markets. Both companies plan to conduct their marketing activities in cooperation with each other.

ECLEVAR MEDTECH is based in Europe but is aggressively expanding its global reach through building partnerships with local CROs in key markets globally. The alliance with Micron is a part of its global strategy as the Japanese market is a key market in the world. ECLEVAR MEDTECH believes this partnership with Micron will bring “win-win” results for both companies.

As for Micron, the partnership with ECLEVAR MEDTECH is a strategic milestone to expand its services to the medtech field. In the past, most of Micron’s business has come from pharmaceutical business. This partnership with ECLEVAR MEDTECH is a very good opportunity for the company to strengthen their capability for medtech business.


ECLEVAR MEDTECH is a CRO specialized in medical devices/IVDs, headquartered in Paris, France. The company was founded on the value of providing agile and high quality services with its mission of making it possible to reduce clinical trial costs and deliver more cost-effective services for medical devices to lower the entry barriers for medical device manufacturers. ECLEVAR MEDTECH is supported by French Government as a start-up business to contribute to the global competitiveness of French businesses. ECLEVAR MEDTECH’s professional team is consist of members with rich experience in clinical trials/studies, medical writing, and KOLs as medical advisors in key therapeutic areas. The company has a strategic partnership with some of network hospitals in Europe and some other countries to have better access to RWD and easier to conduct clinical studies or PMCF surveys/studies.

Since its establishment, ECLEVAR MEDTECH has provided services to a few dozen of medtech companies globally, including clinical studies, PMCF and CER support services.

About Micron Inc.

Micron is a CRO established in 2005 with the aim of contributing to healthcare as a whole by approaching ‘medical imaging’ from both diagnostic and therapeutic perspectives. Since its foundation, Micron has been engaged in various activities as the only CRO in Japan that can provide comprehensive support for clinical trials using imaging, including not only image analysis in the clinical development of drugs and medical devices, but also comprehensive support for clinical research and investigator initiated trials, support for the development of imaging biomarkers, provision of image analysis software, and support for the establishment of PET imaging facilities.

For several years, the company has been providing multiple services for medical device software (SaMD – Software as a Medical Device), such as development support, medical device regulatory application assistance, as well as marketing guidance. In particular, the development support service has received many enquiries from SaMD product development companies in and even outside of Japan. The number of SaMD products which have had Micron’s medical device regulatory application support in Japan, including ongoing ones, reached 38 as of April 2023.

In the new project INDICATE (INnovative Diagnostic Imaging Capabilities Adoption To End-users) with the theme of “Building bridges between diagnosis and treatment” we introduce and propose image analysis technologies with advanced technology, such as those equipped with artificial intelligence (AI). Micron acts as a bridge between companies wishing to introduce SaMDs or digital healthcare devices to Japan and pharmaceutical and medical device companies interested in advanced technology to contribute to the development of digital healthcare technology, including medical imaging-related technology.

Through the establishment of this business alliance with ECLEVAR MEDTECH, Micron will further strengthen its support system for medical device development not only with Japanese businesses but also with overseas companies.