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Optimizing Services for Complete Point-of-Use IVD Devices in USA

At Eclevar, we take pride in offering cutting-edge IVD services in the USA, catering to the growing needs of the diagnostics industry. Our commitment to excellence and innovation enables us to provide comprehensive, reliable, and accurate solutions for IVD devices. 

Comprehensive Diagnostic Solutions by Eclevar

At Eclevar, we specialize in providing comprehensive diagnostic solutions for in vitro diagnostics (IVD). Our experienced team understands the intricacies of the field and offers a range of integrated services, from device design and development to validation, manufacturing, and commercialization.

Our focus is on optimizing efficiency and accuracy in diagnostics. With our IVD services, we prioritize device performance to deliver reliable and rapid results. Quality, regulatory compliance, and rigorous validation are paramount to ensure the accuracy of tests.

Eclevar empowers the creation of in vitro diagnostic tools that: 

  • Enable individuals to monitor their own health
    Help health organizations identify outbreaks of infectious disease
  • Facilitate faster delivery of life-saving drugs
  • Keep soldiers healthy
  • Increase food production without harmful chemicals
  • And more

Discover how our IVD services in the USA can meet your specific needs.

IVD Devices

Development of IVD assays

From concept to commercialization, Eclevar helps clients develop every aspect of today's high-performance point-of-use diagnostics.

IVD platform solutions

Modern rapid point-of-use testing requires high-performance sample collection devices, cartridges, and reader systems. Eclevar delivers them.

IVD clinical research services

Eclevar develops and executes comprehensive evidence plans that are fully integrated with your assay's design and commercialization strategy.

IVD contract manufacturing

Whether it's a few thousand units or a few million, Eclevar is flexible, scalable solutions for manufacturing ensure your needs are met when you need it.