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Oracle and ECLEVAR Drive Success for Medical Device Corporations in Japan

Oracle and Eclevar

The Japanese market for medical devices is expanding rapidly, presenting significant opportunities for pharmaceutical and medical device companies. 

Japan’s aging population, history of adopting new medical technologies, and the pandemic’s impact on digital methods drive demand for advanced medical technologies in this region. However, regulatory compliance in Japan is unique, and navigating the regulatory and compliance pathways can be challenging.

To achieve successful outcomes in Japan, working with the right partners, such as ECLEVAR MEDTECH, can significantly increase success rates. ECLEVAR has been an expert in working with significant KOLs and navigating complex regulatory environments for several decades.

Oracle, on the other hand, has partnered with several Pharmaceutical/Biotech companies to provide strategic direction across multiple cancer indications to gain better access to genomic sequencing technologies in Japan.

The team also enabled pricing, reimbursement, and new launch guidance for new oncology treatments and companion diagnostics. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are rapidly transforming the medical device industry in Japan. Japanese medical device companies are harnessing the power of AI/ML to improve the accuracy of diagnoses, optimize treatment plans, and enhance patient outcomes.

To leverage data from clinical trials and real-world settings to inform product development and improve patient care, CROs, like ECLEVAR, have an important role to play. ECLEVAR joined a panel of industry experts at Oracle’s recent Innovation Series webinar: “Creating the Future in Clinical Research with CROs using Real-World Data.”

To grow into the Japanese market with a long-term clinical strategy that supports your business, ECLEVAR will be available to discuss this at Medtec Japan from 19-21 April 2023.