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Webinar : Creating the Future in Clinical Research with CROs Using Real-World Data

Creating the Future in Clinical Research with CROs Using Real-World Data

Tuesday, February 14, 2023, 9 am CT, 10 am ET, 3 pm GMT, 4 pm CET

Event Overview: 

Real-world data (RWD) plays an increasingly important role in clinical research and healthcare decision making. By using more readily available data from a wider population, clinical researchers can potentially deepen their understanding of disease behavior within the body, and treatment responses from different patient populations. Optimization of this data will enable researchers to design and conduct clinical trials more efficiently, both from a cost and timeline perspective.
However, accessing and analyzing large amounts of data can be unwieldy and resource intensive. Advances in data management technology and analytics have raised the expectation of sponsors to work with CRO partners who can help them maximize the value derived from RWD.

Key Learning Objectives: 

  • How CROs are leveraging technology to maximize the value derived from RWD
  • What issues need to be considered to produce robust and meaningful data
  • How CROs are using technology to gain deeper insights from the RWD
  • Some of the challenges CROs have encountered with the abundance of RWD
  • What the industry and regulators can do to support greater usage of RWD

Who Should Attend:

Sponsor and CRO roles who are responsible for:

  • Clinical development planning
  • Study designs
  • Country and site identification, feasibility assessment, selection, and activation
  • Clinical data management, collecting and evaluating trial metrics
  • Project management of studies, process optimization, and operational excellence