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IVD Clinical Research Services

Our clinical research team specializes in crafting and implementing robust evidence plans that align with your diagnostic design and development project, even if the IVD products were created independently of Eclevar.

Trust us to provide you with clinical research services that will accelerate your product's success in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape.

Our IVD Clinical Research Services offer a comprehensive approach to clinical and regulatory strategy, specimen procurement, regulatory application assistance, IRB management, supply administration, biostatistics solutions, site oversight, and a combined research and design department. Trust us for success in IVD research.

Eclevar has flexible service that can adapt solutions to fit your needs, whether it's a thousand or a million units.

Total Clinical Study Management

Eclevar clinical research organization specializes in comprehensive management of point-of-use diagnostic device research programs. From initial concept development to regulatory submission, our team is dedicated to delivering the crucial data necessary for a successful market entry. We prioritize adherence to both local and international standards, including Good Clinical Practice (GCP) guidelines and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) principles. 

Clinical and Regulatory Strategy

Our team meticulously analyses your product to develop regulatory pathways that are tailored to your specific needs. With our expertise, we create a formal roadmap that you can rely on, allowing you to validate your point-of-use device at an early stage in the research and development process. 

Specimen Procurement

We have established a strong network of reliable service providers who specialize in procuring high-quality specimens. By working with us you can focus on the core aspects of your research and development while we ensure a seamless and efficient process of specimen acquisition.