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IVD Contract Manufacturing

Unlock your potential with our IVD Contract Manufacturing services. From concept to delivery, we ensure reliable production of diagnostic products. Partner with us for seamless solutions.

Expert IVD Contract Manufacturing Services

Our IVD Contract Manufacturing services offer unmatched expertise and reliability. Trust us to handle the production of your diagnostic products with precision and efficiency. From concept to delivery, we ensure the highest quality standards. Focus on your core business while we take care of your manufacturing needs. Partner with us for seamless IVD Contract Manufacturing solutions that drive success.

Eclevar has flexible service that can adapt solutions to fit your needs, whether it’s a thousand or a million units.

Competencies you can expect from us: 

  • Manufacturing by flock
  • Facilities with environmental control
  • Coordinated manufacturing
  • Lamination
  • Dry rooms 
IVD Platform Solutions

Eclevar has flexible service that can adapt solutions to fit your needs, whether it's a thousand or a million units.

Manufacturing and Prototyping

Get test prototyping and manufacturing ate the very beginning of the commercialization process. Eclevar offers hands-on product transfer to the high-volume manufacturer you choose.   

  • Facility complying with EN 13485 
  • Dry room and clean assembly  
  • Manufacturing by flock 
  • Coordinated manufacturing 
  • Facilities with environmental control 
  • And more 


For large scale production, Eclevar offers assistance transferring your product to our manufacturing partners according to the following process:

  • Writing operating procedures 
  • Instructioning manufacture and quality control team 
  • Auditing manufacturing facilities 
  • Creating specifications for incoming material 
  • Optimizing processes for manufacturing scale equipment 
  • Organizing quality control methods 
  • Assisting in producing validation batches on site and any subsequent service needed  

Our Services

End-to-End Software Integration

  • Inserted software (MCU) 
  • Image and data analysis 
  • Process software 
  • ECLEVAR NoWTM software  

Optical Design

  • High sensitivity imaging 
  • Confocal microscopy 
  • Compact optical systems 
  • Fluorescence, absorbance, and chemiluminescence 
  • Fiber and evanescent incorporating  

Reader Development and Custom Instrument

  • Lateral flow and Point-of-care readers 
  • Optical analysers 
  • Lab-on-a-chip instruments 
  • PCR and isothermal systems 

 Mechanical Design

Our expertise spans 3D design, modelling, and Design for Manufacturability (DFM) for different applications such as motion control, fluidics, and instrument systems  

Electronic Design

Comprehensive solutions for both analog and digital circuit design across a wide range of complexities, including schematic capture and PCB layout  

Statistical Analysis

  • Generate concentration value from signal data 
  • LOD, CV, and LOB assessment 
  • Low signal-to-noise measurements’ meaningful information